This guide will walk through the configuration of SeedDMS 6.x to use LDAP for authentication.

Trying to install git in a FreeBSD 12.2 jail produced this error

Yes, it would seem that a prolific number of pages have been posted in such a short space of time.

To configure a proxy server on a Windows device system wide, these are the current recommended registry keys

To schedule chkdsk for the next restart, the drive to be checked must be locked by, for instance, setting a command prompt's current drive to the same drive.

KnotDNS is an authoritative DNS server available for multiple platforms. This article only refers to some sample commands to allow entries to be read, added & removed. More a note to self article.

This guide will walk through the installation and basic config of SeedDMS 6.x, at time of writing 6.0.17.

Apart from all the usual stuff to change it that is documented, you may also need to change the following key(s):

Sometimes it may be necessary to update the username/password for the Sophos Updater. However, it's not necessarily straightforward..